Travel Visas

Wherever you travel in the world, it is always best to be aware of up-to-date visa information which may affect you. Some nationalities can travel freely over borders, where others require advanced permission to enter. There are also changes in requirements from time to time.

Please note, that visas are each traveller’s personal responsibility, and it is recommended that plenty of time is allowed for visas to be applied for. Ensure that the proper research is carried out before you apply, and that you deal directly with the embassies or certified agents with regard to acquiring correct and timely information. We cannot take responsibility for customers whose visas are rejected or expired. It is a requirement of the embassies that tours are paid for in full, before visa support documentation is requested and applications are made.

If you are a British/UK/EU passport holder you will not require a visa to travel on any of our Europe tours. However, there are many nationalities that may require a valid Schengen Visa / UK Visa in order to enter Europe or United Kingdom.

To request visa support documents / Visa assistance once your tour is booked email us at

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