Budapest Honeymoons, Hungary

A honeymoon in Hungary will immerse you in this rich cultural heritage. Hungarian art and architecture is laced with Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau influences. The country has one of the finest folk traditions in Europe, producing excellent examples of embroidery, pottery, ceiling and wall painting, and objects carved from wood or bone. Its musical contributions are just as rich, and range from the rhapsodies of Franz Liszt and the operas of Ferenc Erkel to Gypsy and folk music.

When To Go:
Best weather: The “shoulder” months of May and September may be Hungary's best weather, when average highs hover in the low 70s, though the summer months (when average highs hit 80) are also pleasant.

What To Do:

Sample coffeehouse culture: Cafes have long been an essential aspect of Budapest's social and intellectual life. You can find historic ones, where political movements were spawned, and sleek mod takes on the tradition. To really absorb the flavor of the city, take frequent breaks from sight-seeing to linger over coffee with a book or newspaper in one of these cafes.

Appreciate the architecture: Just walking the streets of Budapest will give you an architectural education. You'll see remains of the Roman Empire, Gothic and Baroque-style buildings as well as lots of Art Nouveau, the style with which the city is most strongly associated. Up your cultural IQ even more by visiting some of the city's many museums (like the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts), and get tickets to a show at one of the local opera houses or concert halls.

Take a bath: Budapest is known for the thermal springs that lie beneath it, as well as the thousands of spas where you can bathe in these waters (which are purported to have healing properties) and get pampered.

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